Family rehabilitation

Family evaluation and rehabilitation

Our experts evaluate the family’s situation and provide them with support, as necessary.

The evaluation and rehabilitation period is a good solution in a situation where the family needs comprehensive rehabilitation or thorough evaluation of the children’s and parents’ situation or in the event of a care order or family reunification.

Our team helps the family work towards the set goals. Our units in Turku and Uusikaupunki offer a safe and quiet environment for families in need of help.

Personalised services and cooperation with authorities and the family’s near relatives and friends are the cornerstones of our operations. We build a customised service package for each family that will be useful to the family also in the future. We strive to highlight the child’s perspective, reinforce good parenting and support the interactions between family members.

The capacity of our family rehabilitation services is 25 client families. Our team of family social work professionals works with the families. We believe in building a brighter future and establishing a confidential relationship with our clients.

Every life situation is unique and so are our family services.


Situations where family rehabilitation is useful:

  • family is in a difficult life situation
  • parent’s mental health problems or experiences of trauma and loss
  • parent in after-care
  •  interaction risks and problems
  • prenatal and postnatal difficulties
  •  problems related to parenthood and life management
  • need for parenting evaluation